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News from Haymock Lake........

The open Water on the lakes has returned along with the ducks, geese, and loons.  Fishermen on Haymock and Spider Lake have been enjoying successful catches of trout and togue.  As always, the mid-day winds have driven them back to camp to enjoy the front porch.

Moose, deer, and bear are revealing themselves along the roadsides as well as multitudes of grouse! There have been several sightings of an injured bald eagle on the 522 road at Pillsbury Deadwater; it appears to have an issue with its right wing.

The roads survived the spring run-off very well in this area.  The air temperature stayed low and consistent, melting the snow pack at a moderate rate.  The brooks and streams have run clean and clear unlike some springs where more sediment is present.  The Queen Bee Bypass is currently impassable due to a beaver problem.

Hope to see you in the back country! 

A note from Josie........

From the cabin in the Birches,

Note from JosieIt happens every year... When the first late fall night brings the sound of complete quiet; the lake water is frozen, a blanket of snow has arrived, the wind abates, and the night falls. It is absolutely amazing how awesomely quiet it is.  And it amazes me every year!  Even though it always comes, always happens, that first time each year is as wonderful as all the other times.  Life is good when the simple pleasures never become ordinary.

It has been twenty years since I have been here at Haymock Lake and working for Macannamac simply doesn't seem that it could be possible.  And yet, in thinking of all the work, fun, beauty and hardship which has filled those years, it makes the reality of the number of years seem more real.  Being here that long, and having done all which I have, and enjoying and enduring life's experiences in such a place was something very unexpected, unplanned, and unparalleled to any though of what I saw as the future for me.  And it has been worth it.

Life is full of surprises, that is what I have often heard people say..  I suppose there is truth to the phrase, but perhaps it is more that life is simply full of changes; adjustments which are placed in front of us where our choices on our life's path are made.  The so-called 'surprises'  I feel are well thought out plans which are laid before us, and as we make our choices the sotry begins to unfold into a long tale.  Some of the suprises are bountiful gifts full of pleasure and memory makers, and there are other that are terribly hard to bear.  Perhaps one has finally arrived when the recollection of them all are seen as precious spots along the way, treasured and appreciated for how each event shaped our lives.

I am blessed with good health and a body that can move freely without impediment to work and play, a family of wonderful people that I know are always there, and a treasure chest of friends near and far that care and give of themselves to me in friendship, and all of which, family and friends, are my precious spots along the way. 

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